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Dear Friends,

The NPS video series is taking a break while I focus on teaching several
summer courses, authoring a book chapter and updating the NPS website.  I
look forward to developing and sharing more clips when time permits.

Below is a list of all the clips released to date.  I invite you to take a
few minutes to watch any you may have missed upon initial release and
revisit those you found particular meaningful.  Your efforts to share these
clips with others are greatly appreciated!

Warmest regards,

A Vision Manifesting <> (3:05) -
featuring Jeannette Armstrong (Sylix)

An Economy Congruent with
Culture<> (3:10)
- featuring Guujaaw (Haida)

Asking the Right Questions <> (3:25)
- featuring Larry Merculieff (Aleut)

Being Present <> (4:39)
- featuring Larry Merculieff (Aleut)

Cultural Sustainability <> (1:59)
- featuring Nichole Maher (Tlingit)

Gentle Sloping Mountains <> (2:36)
- featuring Carol Craig (Yakama)

Identity & Ancestral Heritage
<> (2:11)
- featuring Shawn Yanity (Stillaguamish)

Leaders as Spotlights <> (2:21) -
featuring Wilson Justin (Althsetnay, Athabascan)

Our Language is a Gift <> (3:37) -
featuring Shawn Yanity (Stillaguamish)

Our Role as Humans <> (2:39)
- featuring
Jeannette Armstrong (Sylix)

Personal Restoration <> (2:11) -
featuring Roberta Conner (Cayuse)

Redefining Wealth <> (2:19) -
featuring Roberta Conner (Cayuse)

Respect and Honor <> (2:00) -
featuring Roberta Conner (Cayuse)

The Natural Way to Live <> (1:42)
- featuring Guujaaw (Haida)

Use of the Term
"Sustainability"<> (4:53)
- featuring Larry Merculieff (Aleut)

Value in Long-Term Relationships<>
 (2:54) - featuring Jeannette Armstrong (Sylix)

David E. Hall, Ph.D.
Native Perspectives on Sustainability: Voices from Salmon Nation
Seeking a deeper understanding of our place on Earth

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