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Dear Friends,

It's my pleasure to extend an invitation to a unique program this Wednesday
evening (see details attached and below) and share a quote in line with the
spirit of this event.  The quote is from Nicholas Jackson, an Ahtna leader
and elder who has witnessed tremendous change to his people's way of life in
the Copper River region of Alaska.

"Right now I’m starting to talk to my grandson, trying to teach him
different words for herbs, different kinds of herbs. He’s three years old
and he remembers what I tell him... I wish he was older right now so he
could go hunting with me. I do a lot of hunting, I go way out and just camp.
How to preserve your meat when you do get it out there, and how to butcher
it up, all of that needs to be handed down to someone. And our cultural
ways… I think that it needs to be handed down, for our traditional cultural
way, otherwise you’re just going to die off. A lot of our ways right now,
like I said, preserving for tomorrow is something that people are starting
to realize what’s happening with development or whatever that they lost a
lot of game and fish because of not looking down the road. With this new
generation, if you teach them, they’ll think about tomorrow, and preserving
it. I think a lot of that needs to be handed down; educate the younger
people. If we do our job now--I think it’s up to people now to pass it on. I
think if we do that we should have a good tomorrow."  Click here to read Mr.
Jackson's complete

The intergenerational transfer of knowledge, values, character, and ways of
life is a timeless tradition and vital practice that calls for all of our
participation at all stages of our lives.  In celebration of this
tradition, I hope you'll join me this Wednesday in attending a DVD
presentation hosted by the Tribal Leadership Forum:

*Wisdom and Grit: Influence of Grandparents, Parents on Modern Tribal
Wednesday March 31, 6 - 7:30 pm (doors open at 5:30)
All are welcome, no charge
Concordia University Library, Room GRW310 (see

2800 N.E. Liberty St.
Portland, OR 97211

See attached flier for more details.

David E. Hall, Ph.D.
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