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Hola, from Quito, Ecuador!

It is with great pleasure I share Places for
is likely to be the last installation in the NPS video series for some time.
 In this clip Nichole Maher (Tlingit) articulates the interdependence
between cultural sustainability and ecological restoration.

During my time in South America (Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) I intend to be
open to the wisdom of the region's diverse indigenous cultures while
grounding myself in the essential aspects of life.  I'll carry memories of
and much gratitude for the people and places of my homeland that have
provided such nurturing and inspiration.  I hope to have much to share upon
my return, if not bits and pieces here and there between now and then.

Hasta luego,

David E. Hall, Ph.D.
Native Perspectives on Sustainability: Voices from Salmon Nation
Seeking a deeper understanding of our place on Earth

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