"An Economy Congruent with Culture"

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Dear Friends,

"An Economy Congruent with
features Guujaaw (Haida) speaking about the importance of the land in
meeting the needs of his people, and of having an economy that works with
the Haida way of attending to the "multigenerational aspects of life."

For me, this clips invokes thoughts about how difficult it is within the
culture I inhabit for people to achieve *work-life balance. * Why is it such
a challenge to spend adequate time with our loved ones?  Why are we not able
to grant longer maternity leave time to ensure a newborn child is properly
attended to in the early phases of its life?  Why as a society are we unable
to populate our schools with more than 1 adult per 25-35 children in the
classroom?  Where are all the adults?  Busy working long hours at jobs
disconnected from their personal lives.  Hence the development of a
sub-field of specialists studying and attempting to help people find
work-life balance.  Perhaps the goal should be re-framed as *work-life

Keep up the good life,

David E. Hall, Ph.D.
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